How a PLC system Operates

An electronic board (for powerline communication – PLC AMR) is inserted in power meter. Power meter's rotating disk’s mark or LED indicator is read using the optical sensor on the powerline communication module (PLC AMR). Meter data is automatically transmitted to concentrator through the existing power line. PLC AMR concentrator: one three-phase PLC AMR module services almost any number of power meters, connected after a transformer and communicating through power line. PLC AMR concentrator may be installed at electric substation or anywhere in the serviced buildings, and control the power line communication (PLC) node. The power line (PLC AMR) concentrator continuously polls electricity meters, and communicates the collected AMR data to the central office using phone line or GSM. It is possible to read AMR data from PLC concentrator manually using handheld. Central office equipment for powerline communications is an industrial PC with modem rack. It polls PLC AMR concentrators either at preset time or on operator’s demand and receives power meter readings through powerline communication. When controlling multifunctional power meter or power quality monitor is installed at the power substation, our PLC AMR system compares electricity import with the sum of individual consumers’ consumptions, indicating leakages and abnormal consumption of reactive energy. The data is continuously communicated through the powerline.

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