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As part of our services, Ferdsult provide integrated design, testing, installation, construction and commissioning services on a turn-key basis to our clients in the energy sector. Our projects include rural electrification, overhead electrification, feeder renovation, underground cabling, and feeder segregation, installing High Voltage Distribution System (“HVDS”) and Low Voltage Distribution System (“LVDS”) distribution lines and transmission lines. We have executed projects in difficult and challenging terrains and weather conditions. We make sure that our EPC contracts are usually pursuant to various government policies and schemes.

Company profile in brief

The Company commenced operations in 1999, initially providing engineering services ranging from construction of tower bases, building & civil engineering, electrical and mechanical works to construction of power lines ranging from 132kV to 0.415kV and installation of optic fibres. The Company has since broadened its services to include power distribution, representation of foreign manufacturing companies and foreign supply companies.

Whats New! Ferdsult is maintaining and operating the newly commissioned Mpaga-Kamwenge distribution line.Advanced Prepaid meter billing system with Power Line Carrier (PLC) Technology is implemented

News Highlights

How a PLC system Operates
An electronic board (for powerline communication – PLC AMR) is inserted in power meter. Power meter's rotating disk’s mark or LED indicator is read using the optical sensor on the powerline communication module (PLC AMR). Meter data is automatically transmitted to concentrator th
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Pole Treatment Plant
FESL has invested in a pole treatment plant at an investment cost of US$ 2.5 million. This plant is located at Lugazi and is fully operational. By the end of the year 2011 another pole treatment plant worth US$ 2.5 million will be installed and both plants will have a production
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Prepaid billing system
As part of the rural electrification effort being undertaken by both the Uganda Government and the private sector, FESL is involved in maintaining and operating rural power distribution, as a distribution utility company in the following areas: Kakumiro–Kibaale–Kagadi, Rukungiri–
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Our Services

Overhead and Underground Distribution

Installation of fibre Optics

Construction of pylon towers up to 220kV

Equipment-Transformers, Conductors, Switchgears...

Civil Engineering and Mechanical works

Feeder renovation

Underground cabling

High Voltage Distribution System (“HVDS”)

Low Voltage Distribution System (“LVDS”)

Pole treatment plants

Prepaid energy sales

Poultry farming


Renewable energy technologies

Procurement of electrical equipments

Civil works

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